Viverrawarna'19 is the annual spectrum tech fest conducted by the Department of Biotechnology, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam.Viverrawarna’19 the ray of opportunity to engage science geeks in one of the best ways to enrich themselves. It stands as a chance to analyze and experiment the vibrant colorful sectors of biotechnology. To overcome the stress and feel the pride of being a biotechie, the symposium not only fills the days of the participants with happiness but it also colors the working experience of volunteers with fun and happiness. So let’s jive with the fun and the technical part of science.



Paper presentation

Thoughts are to flourish beyond our imagination. Giving life to our thoughts and bringing them to our desirable form and inking them isn’t that easy. Here the willing ears for your thoughts and dedication is gonna mold you through this event!!

Poster presentation

The real eyes are gonna realize and visualize your perception!!.


Unraveling technology.
Send the abstracts to nucleox@bitsathy.ac.in
Rules and regulation:
Abstract should contain 300- 400 words and keywords.
Last date for abstract submission -5/1/19
Intimation of shortlisted abstracts-12/1/19
A team should contain maximum of 3 members.


Just streak it!!

Want to know the bountiful nature of the tiniest particle?? You just streak it!!

Think biotech

Are you an expert and geek in this field?? Then face this classy challenge to know how classy your with your ideas.

Quirky brains

Tackle the rattling minds and focus to gain more dynamic views by the provoking questions that has been shooted around and turn up as the master brain.

Terrain general (TG)

As an integral part of the committee, it’s the opportunity to enhance your management and communication skills.

Who is a TG??
A TG is a person who is in-charge of this event in his campus (ie) will be solely responsible for getting participants for the event from his college as a group. TG will be the event informer to us from the college.
Who can become a TG??
A person who can bring upto a minimum of 10 participants from his college.
Benefits of being a TG:
  • Certificate
  • Surprising gifts
  • Coupons and gift vouchers for your doorstep dream land
  • Concession in the registration fee.
  • *T&C apply.


S Tamilselvi

Staff Coordinator

Contact no: +91 99425 88072

S Ashwin Raj

Staff Coordinator

Contact no: +91 98439 56641

K Sabarivasan

Student Coordinator

Contact no: +91 94868 47319

S D Manissha

Student Coordinator

Contact no: +91 99944 10909